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Thanks for visiting the Terrain Mat. We are a manufacturer of textured mats which can be rolled out to produce a realistic model landscape.

The Range
      We offer a number of different Landscapes from Coastline to Desert. The mats come in a wide range of standard sizes from 3 x 5 ft to 6 x 12ft. We also offer custom made mats priced per square metre.

      As well as mat features such as roads, rivers and rough ground etc. Sections are available separately or as part of a terrain set to match specific landscapes.

Every mat is hand made, no two mats are identical. These mats are not printed  fabrics but are made up of a number of layers, to give a realistic textured effect. The layers are sealed using specialist equipment and are guaranteed to withstand balding and tearing with normal use.

Terrain mats provide a fast way of setting up the gaming table, to recreate your campaign anywhere in the world.

Important notice : Due to very high demand orders are now 7 weeks behind

This means that the production of your order will take at least 7 weeks ,from the date of placing the order.

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Please Note:

These mats are not suitable for small children, and contain resin that some people may be allergic to.

Mat of the month 3x6ft Battle Britain.

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TERRAIN SETS  Up to 20% savings. New road and river sets.

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