Hex Grid Overlays for all land mats.
To order a grid mat first order a landscape  then add a grid size to match your mat. The price indicated is for the grid only and does not include the mat which is extra.      

    Hex mats are standard mats with a hexagonal grid overlaid on top. The pattern is a shadowing effect so that the line is visible but remains part of the landscape. All mats available on the site can be overlaid with a grid. Select a mat first then add a grid to cover the size of the mat. For example 5x7ft mat order. First select grid size 5x7ft  then use option to select the size of hexagon. Note. Hex size is the distance between 2 parallel sides.

Order a Hex Grid.

Size & Price Select option

Price £
Code: GLHex35
Hex size


Price £
Code: GLHex44
Hex size


Price £
Code: GLHex46
Hex size


Price £
Code: GLHex57
Hex size


Price £
Code: GLHex68
Hex size


Price £
Code: GLHex610
Hex size


Price £
Code: GLHex612
Hex size


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